Asset Management at Candor Holdings

Candor Asset Management (Private) Limited is licensed and regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) to manage Unit Trust Funds and Private Portfolios inclusive of both Conventional and Shariah compliant Funds.

Fund Manager Commentary

Unit Prices as at 13/11/2018 (Non Annualized) (LKR)

Fund Name Selling Buying NAV per Unit
Candor Growth Fund 13.06 12.57 12.72
Amana Candor Shariah Balanced Fund 10.27 10.05 10.08
Candor Money Market Fund 12.2757 12.2757 12.2757
Amana Candor Shariah Income Fund 11.0201 11.0201 11.0201

CSE Listed Funds as at 3/10/2018 (Non Annualized) (LKR)

Fund Name Selling NAV per Unit
Candor Opportunities Fund 8.97

Our Fund Management Team