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Want to learn about Investing? Browse through our learning material geared to educate and act as guidelines in Equity Trading.

How to choose a Stock Broker/Investment Advisor

  • Trading practices and conduct of a stockbroker : Download PDF
  • What to look for when selecting a good investment advisor : Download PDF
  • How to choose an investment advisory firm : Download PDF

What to think about when investing

Investing in Stock Market

  • 2017: Highest ever foreign purchases during the first half of a year, Are local investors missing out? : Download PDF
  • Benefits of investing in the Stock Market : Download PDF
  • Golden rules of investing in stock market : Download PDF
  • Best time to invest in stock market. : Download PDF
  • Investing in the stock market: Points to the ponder : Download PDF
  • Stock market myths : Download PDF
  • Selecting a Stock Broker Firm (General Information on Stock Broking) : Download PDF
  • Investing in the Stock Market – 12 Common Mistakes : Download PDF
  • Investing in the Stock Market – Part I : Download PDF
  • Investing In the Stock Market – Part II : Download PDF
  • Investing In the Stock Market – Part III : Download PDF
  • Stock-picking strategies 1 : Download PDF


Managing Your Wealth

  • INVESTING: Asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing : Download PDF
  • TIMING: “When” and “when not” to invest in the Stock MarketPopular delusions : Download PDF
  • Managing your Wealth in Uncertain Times : Download PDF

Capital Market – Knowledge Lab

  • The Future of Finance: It Starts With You : Watch Video
  • How can we be a force for social good? : Watch Video
  • The good must drive out the bad : Watch Video
  • Importance of trust in financial services : Watch Video
  • The temptation will always be to take shortcuts : Watch Video
  • Investing in stock market: Are your hands clean? : Dwonload PDF
  • Duties and responsibilities of Shareholders : Download PDF
  • Investing in stock market: How important is dividend yield? : Download PDF
  • P/E ratio – what you need to know : Download PDF
  • Investing in the Secondary Market: Common Mistakes : Download PDF
  • Investing in the Capital Market: Be Smart and Ask Questions : Download PDF
  • “Front-running; an Unethical Behavior” : Download PDF
  • Importance of Credit Rating : Download PDF
  • “Pump and Dump”; Where Would You Turn? How Far Would You Go? How Hard Will Yoy Fall? : Download PDF
  • “Market Manipulation” – Artificial Picture Which Masks the True Value : Download PDF
  • Types of Financial Ratios : Download PDF
  • Stock Picking Strategies for the Colombo bourse : Download PDF
  • What is Insider Trading? : Download PDF
  • Share Warrants- the good the bad and the ugly : Download PDF
  • What is Demutualisation? : Download PDF
  • Pros and Cons of Investing in Penny Stocks : Download PDF
  • An Overview of Margin Trading to Investors in Stock Market : Download PDF
  • Interview with HSL CEO : Download PDF
  • Short selling, Margin Trading and Market Makers : Download PDF
  • Are you a trader? : Download PDF
  • Seasons of an Investor’s Life : Download PDF
  • Calculated risk taking in the stock market : Download PDF
  • Some Factors that you should consider when investing in an Initial Public Offer : Download PDF
  • Understanding How the mind can help or hinder investment success : Download PDF
  • DOS and DONTS in the Primary Market : Download PDF
  • DOS and DON’TS in the Secondary Market : Download PDF
  • Layman’s approach to understanding financial statements : Download PDF
  • Eight mistakes to avoid while investing : Download PDF
  • Equity Research and Advisory : Download PDF