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Brokerage is calculated as a percentage of the total Rupee value of the securities purchased or sold on your behalf. Brokerage rates are provided by the Colombo Stock Exchange and are subject to a minimum brokerage floor of 0.20%.

For a purchase, the brokerage is added to the consideration payable for that transaction. For a sale, the brokerage is deducted from your gross proceeds. All these amounts are specified on the confirmation of sale or purchase.

Transactions up to Rs. 50Mn:

Brokerage Fees 0.640%
CSE Fees 0.084%
CDS Fees 0.024%
SEC Cess 0.072%
Share transaction levy 0.300%
Transaction over Rs. 50Mn:

Minimum Brokerage (floor) 0.2000%
CSE Fees 0.0525%
CDS Fees 0.0150%
SEC Cess 0.0450%
Share transaction levy 0.2000%

The Regulator may change these from time to time.