Who We Are

Our Parentage in Corporate Advisory Services

Candor has its roots in the GCC region, with its parent company EPIL based in Dubai, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary and international investment arm of Kuwait based NIG. Located in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), EPIL’s core business focus is on the financial services industry and related sectors. Since its foundation in 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis, EPIL has followed a strategy of seeking out viable opportunities, which not only add a symbiotic dimension to the company’s business model but also fall within the framework of a globally diversified portfolio comprising of both mature and emerging markets with a geographical reach from Far-East to the West.  

EPIL has made its investment foray comprising of high-growth potential companies in mainland China and in the USA. The acquisition of the Heraymila Group in Sri Lanka and the subsequent re-branded Candor Group represents the first investment venture in the Indian sub-continent. Their expertise has quickly paved the way for them to gain a niche among the prime corporate advisory services in Sri Lanka.

Since its inception in 1960, the objective of Candor’s ultimate parent the National Industries Group (NIG) was to contribute towards the growth of Kuwait and the progress of its people. Today, after half a century of passage, the Company’s then motto not only stands the test of time but also has strong resonance to Kuwait’s macroeconomic fundamentals.   

NIG with its origins as a building materials manufacturing company has grown exponentially to become a leading conglomerate with diversified assets in excess of USD 5 billion with a wide spectrum of interests ranging from Building Materials, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas Services, Mechanical Industries, Utilities, Real estate, Infrastructure, and Financial Services.

Our Parentage